Published : 2016-12-07 17:49:39
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The holidays are around the corner, and we must think on all those gifts for family and friends. Every year we look for original ideas and beautiful gifts that are within our Christmas budget.

So, I want to help you with some perfect gift ideas that will make you look great. You will find them in our online store and you will receive them at home, so easy and convenient!

Bikinis and swimsuits. Let’s dream about the summer and those sunny days on beach? A bikini or swimsuit can be the ideal gift for our friends or mothers, for those spa days when we want to relax and look nice. We have different models and sizes to fit all body types. You can also choose one of our OYE swimming suit that can be worn as a bodysuit, they look very delicate and sexy.

Accessories. They are the ideal gift, not to much, but not too small either. There no sizes involved so it's is just the perfect gift. We have beautiful bracelets, belts, necklaces, bags and sunglasses, which are great for summer and winter and have already become the essential complement.

Dresses. If you are looking for a special gift you can choose one of our dresses. Most of them have been worn by celebrities. Sizes are great as most of them are wide and easy to fit any body type. In our SALE section, you will find some with reduced price already.

Sportswear. This is not a very common gift but instead is original and very practical, can suit any of your friends and family who does some sport.

We need to have a few sportswear outfits always available, as we wash them more often and need time to dry out. So a set of leggings and tank top, or our 2 pieces top that includes the sport bra, a short or yoga pants, we have so many options with unique and beautiful designs that the options are endless.

All our products are sent nicely wrapped, so you don’t even have to worry about the presentation.

And, if for any reason, the gift does not suit or fit or you just simply don’t like it, don’t worry… you have 15 days to return it and we will reimburse you the money. Simple and easy!

You have no excuses; you can make wonderful gifts with Coco Isabella.

Happy Holidays!


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