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Sunset comes, the sea breeze begins to drop slightly temperature and you feel like living on a permanent state of holiday. Sunsets are one of the most special and romantic moments of endless summer days.

Contemplating it from the pool or laying on beach is one of the best options. Let us help you to have the best sunset ever, lets us help you to look amazing on that magical moment.

Bikini or swimsuit. Take the opportunity to choose those that you wouldn’t wear during the day to avoid sun marks, whether is a bathing suit with an halter neckline, a trikini or a swimsuit with sheer and see through fabrics, or those metallic colors that looks with the evening lights.

Sandals or barefoot. A strappy sandals will complete your look to perfection but if you really want to connect with nature in such a mystic moment, forget about shoes and go barefoot, although: do not forget a perfect pedicure.

Shorts. with shorts you can complement your bikini or make it look as a whole new outfit. If you have chosen a plain top, add some touch of color with a patterned short, that you can also combine with your swimsuit. A short romper is always a good option too.

Dress or caftan. They are the ideal outfit for the sunset, let you feel dressed without take off your bikini or swimsuit, because you never know ... maybe never you will feel like a refreshing swim under the moon light.

Bracelets. Do not forget them! They go well with everything: bikinis, swimsuits, shorts or dresses ... Did you know that some civilizations believed the noise made when the hands move, dove off the evil spirits? Now you know, in the magic ritual of sunset, you can forget the bracelets.

You can wear any look but do not forget the most important: enjoy the sunset, recharge your energy, and share this unique moment with the most important people for you.

If you allow me some advice: leave the phones and photo cameras behind, just record that moment and image on your mind to will keep it forever, then just close your eyes and feel the pleasure of seeing that sunset all over again.


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