Published : 2016-11-16 10:00:00
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For swimming it is essential to have a proper swimming suit that allows us to feel comfortable, without compromising on style, comfort and still look good in front of the mirror.

Here are some tips to show off your swimsuit in the pool:

Feel comfortable. The suit should allow you to move without making you feel uncomfortable. It is very important that it will stay in place keeping the support you need.

Choose the right size. If you are not sure, choose the small size instead of the large, often the wet fabric tents to stretch. If you're worried about the coverage of your suit, don’t go for a bigger size, just try to change the model/style for better fitting.

Colour. Some colours go better with different skin tones, the tendency is that light colours favors dark skin and dark colours on light skin. And as always, the black or dark colours  have a slimming visual effect.

Dare to wear original designs. It seems that swimming is only related to traditional swimming suits, which sometimes do not fit at all our silhouette. This is an old concept! There are plenty of original and different designs that will look great on us. In our online store we offer a wide section of swimwear with beautiful designs, colourful patterns or just plain colours with transparencies, that will make you feel confident and sexy.

Ultimately, the most important when choosing a swimsuit is that you like it and feel comfortable with it. And if so, you will probably feel more eager to those swimming days.


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