Published : 2016-06-01 19:37:54
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A few years ago swimsuits were used mainly for swimming, and wearing a one-piece swimsuit was the most convenient and comfortable way to do it, allowing us to perform the training without worries.

But luckily comfort has become fashionable and bathing suits are part of it.

Designers have worked hard to bring us elegant swimsuits that allow us to feel sexy on the beach or the pool, playing with different fabrics, necklines, accessories, ... that make our swimsuits authentic couture pieces.

But how do we choose the best option for us?

Quality: the bathing suit fabric is essential, poor quality can cause you lots of headaches, for example, get too reviling when it becomes wet. So need to look for a swimsuit that will resist the hours under the sun, chlorine, salt and body movement.

Also good quality fabric will make the design to fit better and it wont lose its shape or design. It is better to invest in a good swimsuit for the season than to buy a cheap one that wont last even one season.

Color: The color of your swimsuit can help you feel better, fair skin tones are perfect for brilliant and vibrant colors that will highlight the tan, while dark skins tones are perfect for light colors, go for the white!

And remember, black never fails, so make sure you have a LBS (Little black swimsuit) in your wardrobe.

Use: the use you'll give your bathing suit will determine how they should be. If you want to go swimming choose those that cover a bit more and wont move, but some sheer transparencies to make it special!

If you have a pool party or sunbathing you can go for those that reveal a bit more, with a open V-shaped neckline or a strapless.

Body shape: You need to choose the swimsuit that flatters your natural body shape, and depending on your own shape it could be that some designs look better on you than others. So, if you have a pear-shaped body, a bathing suit with thin strap is the best, if your shape is the inverted pyramid type, then a V neckline will be great, and if your body type is rectangular type you might choose one that makes your waist smaller through a smart design.

 The key is to choose a good swimsuit, that flatters your body, that has a good quality and that makes you feel comfortable and happy with it.

Remember!! summer is just around the corner!


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