Published : 2016-03-30 19:56:57
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The world is changing. Technology, media, easy access to travel has made the world a smaller and close place. Travelling is more affordable so everyone is free to discover a whole world of possibilities.

Coco Isabella is a woman who loves to travel, to explore small hidden places, deserted beaches, cities full of culture and exotic dishes. Traveling gives her the opportunity to find new products, colors, patterns and collect them exclusively for you. Meet new designers, discover what are latest trends in every corner of the world that Coco Isabella have selected so you. Keeps searching, exploring and discovering, those perfect sunglasses, a beautiful floral print bikini, a beach dress, among all the exclusive products it has for you.

Coco Isabella dreams with paradise, which happens to be in every little corner she visits: on a street food market in China, an infinite beach in Australia, a rice field in Bali, a sunset in the savannah... Coco also loves to learn languages and never misses the opportunity to feel integrated with some useful words: shukrani, spasiva, xiexie... to chat with the natives, feel and learn how they think, what they care about and above all the differences, to discover what bring us closer and unite us. The more she travels the more she realize that people are people anywhere in the world.

Coco Isabella love sports and is passionate about healthy food and life style. Enjoys discovering new flavors on every trip and never misses the opportunity to go jogging, stretching or enjoy a pilates session.

She is always ready for life, her suitcase is always full of conformable and fashionable outfits that makes her feel prepared for any challenge.

So do not miss the opportunity to follow Coco Isabella around the world and get to know the latest fashion trends on swimwear, sportswear and accessories, you will not regret it!

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